Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneak Peek #3 & #4... and a chance to win these stamps!

Sneak Peek #3 "Ashton with present" illustrated by Anako Art. 

Sneak Peek #4 "Ashton bending" illustrated by Anako Art. 

If you would like win these cuties, just pop over here for more information: 

Спасибо что зашли✿ 


HandmadebyTLC said...

stopped in looking for you Pink hop post and found your other work delightful also, Oh Well, thanks anyway
Tammy Louise

Paula said...

Приветик! Спасибо,что отписались в "Игре для блогеров". Будем ждать вашего творения! Хорошего отдыха!=))